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Circular Appliances

Home appliances are circular products, from the design phase to the end-of-life.
Starting with raw materials sourcing, up to design and production of appliances, to continue with use of products by consumers, repair of devices and ending up in the recycling and recovery phase.

On this website you will discover what this means for citizens, the environment and our economy.

Circularity throughout

appliances lifecycle

Raw materials

Efficient use of resources and materials are the guiding principles of the industry.


This is where it all starts: appliances are circular
by design.



The industry has been consuming less
during production.

Use &


Most of the energy is consumed during the use phase. 


Appliances are repairable today.

Recycling & Recovery

Recycled waste is injected back into the economy as secondary raw materials.


We can all play our part.
This is how we create a Circular Culture.

Heading 2

Discover some projects that advance circularity in Europe.

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