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Design is the second step in the product's lifecycle.

Home appliances are circular by design. Many aspects are taken into account when designing innovative products - resource & material use, energy efficiency, technological progress and consumer choice. 

The Ecodesign Directive and Energy Labelling Regulation proved to be effective tools for improving energy efficiency of products. All appliances designed, produced and then placed on the market in the EU are compliant with the applicable requirements.

Home appliance industry

by the numbers

APPLiA Full Gradient with transparency i

In 2019...


of the washing machines sold were A+++ 


of air conditioners sold were A++


of tumble dryers sold were A+++


of dishwashers sold were A+++



What batteries for our home appliances?

Household appliances can have a variety of batteries, and it should be considered that the integration of a battery into a particular product presents advantages and challenges specific to that product.


For this reason, any requirements of this nature should be expressed at product-specific level only. A battery in a product is a sound choice to provide the optimal use of the device concerned.

At the end-of-life of the product, safety of consumers is a top priority. Appliances are deemed to be safe which is why it is necessary to provide information and safety instructions on how to properly discard the battery. When it comes to removability, a correct handling by professionals with the appropriate training can ensure this aspect.

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