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The Papillon Project

The Papillon Project is a collaboration between BSH Home Appliances and Samenlevingsopbouw West-Vlaanderen – a social enterprise – with the goal to replace outdated and thus energy wasting household appliances owned by families in financial difficulties, with new energy efficient ones.


10 home appliances (washing machines, tumble dryers, fridges, freezers and dishwashers) have been rented for a period of 10 years for 7 euros a month, the price including the rental, the delivery and installation and the full service. This allowed to families with difficulties to access energy efficient home appliances and to save money on energy and water bills.

How is this circular?

  •  Repair is included in the rental fee

  •  After 10 years of rental the appliances can be reintroduced in the market

  •  If the appliance has reached its end of life period, instead, it can be refurbished

  •  Unrepairable appliances at the end of their life can be used as source of functioning parts to repair other  appliances

  •  Recycling

  •  End-users provided with user’s licence

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