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Use & Consumption is the fourth step in the product's lifecycle.

Appliances make a crucial contribution to society's resource efficiency. Enormous improvements to the design and sustainability of home appliances have been achieved, driving consumers towards the most efficient choice both in terms of energy and water use. 

What is our impact on the environment?

Home appliance industry

by the numbers

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During the

use phase ...



of energy consumed

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Zoom in on the home appliance sector

100% families in Europe have at least a fridge

families in Europe have a washing machines

86% families in Europe have 
kitchen appliances

45% families in Europe have a dishwasher

Context data

Use frequency


Installation & location

have a direct impact on the longevity and efficiency of the appliances.

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Circular business models:

Product as a service

In recent years, we have witnessed how rethinking product design and business models  could yield significant benefits to both users and manufacturers. Indeed, product-as-a-service offers a whole new approach.

This innovative model focuses on the shift from selling appliances to providing customised leasing or renting options, based on customer's preference. As a result, this allows to save more money through the reduced energy costs associated with a more efficient high-quality machine, generating in turn lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The extended product life allows a better cost and revenue outcome for both the user, who doesn’t have to take on the upfront purchase cost, and the manufacturer, who has the best knowledge of the product and maintains control of the machine and its embedded resources.

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