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Circular Appliances and Circular Culture are an initiative of APPLiA, a non-profit association representing Home Appliance manufacturers in Europe. 

Home appliances are circular. The Circular Appliances website lets you discover how the sector has fostered circularity in each phase of the product lifetime. From raw materials, throughout design and production, use and consumption, up to repair and, finally, to recycling and recovery. The home appliance sector has been keeping track of the results achieved over the years and makes them available to the public on this website. 

The Circular Culture website, a sub-section of the above platform, collects initiatives that promote circularity in different sectors and countries. Circular Culture is more than an economic model. It is a concept that involves everyone. It affects the way we think, the way we act and behave. From the industry to the society, at a local, national and global level, we all need to collaborate and face all the current environmental challenges.

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