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The product's lifecycle begins with raw materials.

The home appliance industry provides EU citizens with appliances that make our lives easier by saving time, energy and water, securing a clean and healthy home environment and making food stay fresh for longer. 

To produce and supply these products, large amonts of raw materials are used every year. 

How does this translate into an efficient use of materials and resources?

Home appliance industry

by the numbers

APPLiA Full Gradient with transparency i

According to data, in the EU market...

male-worker-factory (1).jpg

6,3 Mt 

of raw materials used to produce home appliances

APPLiA Full Gradient with transparency i

Zoom in on the home appliance sector



of global production of copper


of global production of aluminium


of global production of plastics

Laser Cutting Steel


of global production of steel

Context data

6,3 Mt

of materials placed on the market

7,7 Billions

installed appliances in EU households

3,8 Mt

of appliances collected annually

3,7 Mt

of materials recovered

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