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Svuota l'armadio

Your wardrobe is overloaded with clothes that you are not wearing anymore? You are not the only one!

The initiative "Svuota l'armadio", translated "empty the wardrobe", was born when Federica, staring at her closet, was wondering when she would have worn those items again. She then thought that someone else could be interested in buying them.

She thus opened a Facebook page to give a chance to her idea...which proved to be successful! Now, the original group counts more than 80 thousand members and new groups have opened in cities all over Italy.

How does it work?

Everyone that would like to sell his or her old clothes can send a request to the closest Facebook group. Once accepted, the seller needs to upload a photo of the item, including price, size and area of the city where the delivery would happen. By replying to the post, people that are interested in buying the item get in contact with the seller and organise a meet up for the sale.


Svuota l'armadio organises also markets on a regular basis, where sellers can bring their items and sell them to the public.

Reuse and recycle: give a new life to your items!

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