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It might happen that some disregarded ingredients could actually become the magic potion for other products. This is actually the discovery of Dan and Jordan, the co-founders of ReGrained.

Their story dates back to their college age, when they started making their own beer and realised that a 6-pack was leaving them with 1 pound of grain (almost half a kilo). If, at first, they started with baking bread, later on they found out about grain's significant nutritional value. Today, they harvest grain from breweries and mill it into ReGrained bars.


"Upcycling is a challenge to reimagine an end as a beginning.

It is that “aha!” moment when your old climbing rope becomes your new dog leash, or when that empty jam jar becomes your favorite cup. "

There are some gaps in brewers' value chain.

ReGrained fights brewers' food waste through edible upcycling!

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