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Recycling alternative

Citizens of Vancouver can certainly be proud of the evolved recycling system of their city. A bunch of projects and initiatives are running, promoting environmental sustainability, making the city of Vancouver one of the leaders in Circular Society.


One of the projects is the “Recycling Alternative” which offers a wide range of innovative solutions including recovery of food waste derived from restaurants, waste recycling coming from offices and retailers as well as multi-residential buildings and recycling of waste left in the end of public events and social gatherings.


There are no limitations in the type of materials that can be recycled, whereas citizens can easily find how and where they can recycle their waste in the website of Recycling Alternative. Plastics, metals, batteries, electrical waste and organics are the main materials that can be recovered.


Locally-owned, with dedicated employees, the company has been building partnerships within the community, proving that a successful business model can also be sustainable for the society.

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