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Have you ever wondered what happens to your computer equipment at its end-of-life phase?


In order to be recovered, many parts and components of computers such as monitors, screens, processors and many other need to be collected and then separated. Materials vary, while the most common are diverse kinds of metals and plastics. 

Nonetheless, computer recycling is not as difficult as it may seem. The initiative of Entrajuda in Portugal leads by example in computer recycling, establishing a collection unit that receives IT equipment from banks, insurance companies, distribution chains and state.The material is recovered and what cannot be reused in its form goes for proper recycling.

This initiative contributes significantly to the environmental sustainability, given that a huge amount of electronic material would have been probably destroyed. Apart from that, it gives an alternative way for companies to reduce their function costs.

The machines that brought the revolution in your life can have a second life after their use!

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