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Clean Picnic & Clean Walk

Regrind is a raw material recovered from waste plastic. The plastic waste is separated by colors and processed, resulting in clean recycled plastic. Production takes place in the Benelux.

Bio-based materials are made from plants. It is compostable and breaks above and below the soil by bacteria/fungi down to water, biomass, carbon dioxide and/or methane. Production takes place in the Benelux.

When it's sunny, going for a picnic is one of the first ideas that come to everyone's mind.

However, this social practice can also generate a huge amount of antisocial litter.

Noticing this downside brought to the idea of Clean Picnic: a picnic blanket on which to lay out

your food and once your picnic is over the blanket becomes a trash bag in one single operation.

Blankets are either made of recycled plastic or of 100% vegetable material.

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From the same inventor comes the sympathetic solution for litter in nature reserves Clean Walk walking stick: a cool walking stick and litter picker together. Nice to walk with and handy to pick up waste.


Nature parks can brand the CleanWalk walking sticks and offer them to park visitors as a

sustainable free hiking service, to make their walk more pleasant and nature cleaner.

Because only with their help can we make nature waste-free!

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